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We are a well established Wiccan Based store that offers a vast array of Handmade Spell Crafting Wiccan and Pagan items.

The majority of these items have been Hand Crafted by ourselves with great care and attention  giving them that unique and Magical quality that we pride ourselves on





About us

With our Wiccan belief's and Love of Art and Design it was only a Natural progression to combine the two, creating Witch made items for the Wiccan community, and so, Moon Goddess Garden was born!


The Moon Goddess Garden 'Team'

Naomi & Rebecca


Moon Goddess Garden Items


Below we have listed some of the items we sell at Moon Goddess Garden. We are constantly adding to this list and welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have for your own Wiccan needs.

Wands, Athames, Witches Besoms, Altar items, Altar Kits, Witches Starter Kits, Spellcrafter Chests, Chalices, God & Goddess Altar Pieces, Rune Stones, Egyptian Items, Tarot & Rune Bags, Spells and Spell Items, Potion Bottles, Herbs & Ingredients, Fairy items, Wiccan & Pagan Cards, Handfasting Gifts, Witches Charms, Ritual Bath Salts, Native American Smudging Fans, Hand Blended Incense, Feather Dip Pens, Spell Bags, Talismans, Pyrography Items, Mojo Bags, Cauldrons, Hand Crafted Ooak Pieces and Art work.