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Art Gallery

~Moon Goddess Garden~

 ~Art Work~


~About the Artist~




I have always enjoyed many forms of different Art work from Painting to Pyrography (the art of Burning onto wood) and have a background in both Art and Graphic design. I mainly paint in Acrylics but also use a variety of mixed mediums. Throughout my life I have always been drawn towards Nature and its beauty and try to express this as best as I can through the medium of Art.

 Below are some of my previous Paintings and I hope to be listing new ones for sale soon!




Forest of the Fey           Enchanted Forest

           'Forest of the Fey'                                         'Enchanted Forest'

Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas    Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas

                    30cm by 40cm                                                        30cm by 40cm

                        *******                                                                   ******






Moon Lit Tree                  Tree of Life Spirit

                   'Moonlit Tree'                                                         'Tree of Life'  (Spirit)

       Original Mixed Media Painting                        Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas

           on Boxed style Canvas         

                40cm by 60cm                                                               40cm by 60cm

                    *******                                                                       *******





Tree of Life Wiccan Rede                 Spider Web

             'Tree of Life'(Wiccan Rede)                                                'Spiders Web'

           Original Mixed Media Painting                                    Orginal Mixed Media Painting

               on Boxed style Canvas                                               on Boxed style Canvas

                     20cm by 20cm                                                         20cm by 20cm

                         *******                                                                    *******





Starry Forest Sky                 Rowan Moon

              'Starry Forest Sky'                                               'Rowan Moon'

Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas      Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas

                  20cm by 20cm                                                               20cm by 20cm

                      *******                                                                         *******





Moonlit Hare                  Blue Moon

                 'Moonlit Hare'                                                               'Blue Moon'

Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas   Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas

                30cm by 40cm                                                              80cm by 100cm

                    *******                                                                        *******




Zombie Moon              Zombies!

              'Zombie Moon'                                                           'Zombies!!'

 Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas              Original Acrylic Painting on Boxed style Canvas

               30cm by 40cm                                                        60cm by 30cm

                   *******                                                                 *******






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