How to Choose your Wand


**How to choose your Own Wand**

We have put together a list of Woods and their Magical Properties which may aid you in the choice of your Wand. There are many different qualities to each wood, which can vary greatly depending upon the path the wand took during its growth, and how it has been effected by the Elements. Sometimes the wands 'Aura' will be completely opposite to the woods properties, due to this we always feel that the Wand that you are 'Drawn' to is Destined for you no matter what its Original Properties may be.

**Commissions are always welcome. Please contact us if you have a particular wand is mind. Commissions take between 1 and 4 weeks depending on item required**

~Wands & their Magical Properties~




Alder is the Tree of Fire yet it also shares a strong connection with Water making it quite an unusual Tree. It is known as the King of Woods and its properties include: Self Protection, Divination, Healing and anything connected with the Elements of Fire and Water.




The Apple Tree is a Symbol of Immortality and Love. Its Properties include: Youth, Beauty and Fertility but above all its Strongest connections are with Love.




The Ash Tree was often used to make Healing Wands. Its other Properties include: Protection, Purification and it is said to Possess Power over Water




Beech is a Feminine Tree which is Ruled by Saturn and is believed to have the Power to Grant Wishes. Carrying the Wood can increase Creative Powers and Free the Imagination.


**Wild Cherry**


Cherry is Excellent for Divination, Healing and Love Magic. It is a Grounding wood that can bring Calm to heated situations. Its other properties include: Creativity, Prosperity and Passion




Cedar wood is said to aid in Money and Love matters. It will Protect its user from Evil forces and can also be used for Healing and Purification




Elder is a Sacred Tree, it is said that it should never be cut or Burnt and wands should be made from fallen wood only. Believed to be the home of the 'Elder Mother' it was highly valued by Ancient Britons, Celts and Romans alike. All parts of the Elder benefit us and it is a truly Magical Tree. It properties include: Exorcism, Protection, Healing and Prosperity.




Eucalyptus is a Tree known for its Nurturing and Cleansing properties. Wands made from the wood of a Eucalyptus Tree are Ideal for all purification needs and exorcisms.




Gorse is associated with Love, Protection and Romance and can be used to further the Romance of a consensual relationship. It has strong Protective Powers and will Guard against Dark Magic.




Hawthorn Trees are sacred to the Fey and are part of the Faerie triad ‘where Oak, Ash & Thorn grow the Faerie Folk are sure to go’ Wands made from Hawthorn are said to Hold Great Power. Its properties include Fertility, Protection, Defence and Happiness.




The Hazel Tree possesses Wisdom and Knowledge and is a very versatile wood suitable for all types of magic. It is renowned for its White Magic Properties and Divination Powers.


**Horse Chestnut**


The Chestnut is a Masculine Tree Ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Its seeds were carried to ward off Rheumatism and bring success in all Ventures. Its Properties include: Healing ,Love, Success and Prosperity.




Hornbeam is a Beautiful Tree with a Whitish Grey wood which was said to be 'as hard as a Horn'. It is said to be an extremely lucky wood bringing good fortune to its user. Its properties include: Prosperity, Protection, Spiritual Love, Strength and Good Fortune.




Holly is the wood of a True and Just Warrior. It represents the Waning half of the year when the Holly King rules and has the Strongest Protective qualities of all of the woods. It will bring Luck especially to men and is paired with Ivy.




Ivy is a Feminine wood and will bring Good Luck especially to women. It is paired with Holly and used in Handfasting Ceremonies. It promotes Loyal and Stable relationships and is Loved by the Fey for it represents all that is mystical and Magical.




Larch is a Beautiful and Strong wood. It is home to the Saelige the ‘Blessed ones’ who are graceful creatures who protect people and animals from harm. It will protect against Enchantment and the Evil Eye.




Lilac is a Feminine Tree which is ruled by Venus. It is closely associated with Love, Beauty, Harmony and Balance. It will Drive away Evil and can Exorcise Ghosts from Houses.




The Linden Tree has strong connections with Medicine and Healing. It is also connected to Justice and is a Light and Positive wood ideal for all White Magic




Oak is known for its Strength and Endurance. It holds the Power of Protection and guards from Evil. Any piece of Oak carried will bring Luck to the Bearer. Its other Properties include Potency, Fertility, Healing, Insight and Money.




Rose Wood is said to bring a True and Lasting Love. It is a Gentle wood which will work well with spells or blessings connected to Fertility, Healing Love divination, Psychic Powers, Protection of a Loved One and of cause all Love Spells.




Rowan is the Witches Tree. It is best used for protection, placed above doorways it will guard your home from Evil Spirits. It is also know for its Divination and Healing qualities and will aid Psychic Powers and bring Success.


**Silver Birch**


Known as Lady of the Woods Silver Birch is a symbol of Fertility and New Beginnings. Also known for its Cleansing and Purifying properties it was the Traditional material used in a Witches Besom.




Willow is a Tree sacred to the Goddess and the Moon. Any Spell worked with a Willow Wand under the Rays of the Moon will increase its Strength. Its properties include, Love, Divination, Healing and all Luna Magic


~Moon Goddess Garden~